Fender Pile Replacement and Bumper Plate Design


The steel piles that are driven into the sea floor for the purpose of berthing and mooring ships at a shipbuilding facility in San Diego, have reached the end of their service life. HEA was tasked with helping the client create a pile replacement plan as well as create a fender assembly system that engages the entire pile group. The fender assembly must be removable and it has to be compatible with all the different configurations of pile groups


Field visits were conducted to determine all the unique pile group configurations so that the fender assembly fits on each. A bumper plate stiffened with wide-flange beams that run horizontally across the pile groups was designed so that the berthed ship loads are distributed more evenly among all the piles in a group. The loads on the bumper plate were checked using a commercially available structural analysis software. Clamp connections were designed so that the fender assembly can be set in place and removed as many times as required.

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