Lift Frame

Hopper Engineering designed a self-leveling skid for the erection, lifting, removal and replacement of a large boiler.  This photo shows the successful load test of the skid as it supports in excess of one million pounds.

Soundstage Roof Framing

Our team verified that the roof framing was capable of supporting numerous LED ceilings hung from the existing perm system in addition to a LED wall. Our analysis also verified the rigging components themselves (e.g. box truss, spansets, pipe, etc.).

SoFi Stadium Build

Our team worked with the roof erector, Bragg Crane, to design custom shoring towers. The roof consists of post-tensioned truss structures, which traveled several feet vertically during the construction sequence, all the while still having to be supported for gravity loads.

Heat Exchanger

Body Copy: HEA provided detailed engineering services for custom cooling coils to be installed at a nuclear power plant. The analyses considered pressure design, seismic loads, thermal expansion, lifting and rigging, and other unique loading conditions.
Photo Courtesy of Super Radiator Coils

Buried Piping

Our team designed buried piping, performed ASME B31 stress analysis and supported construction activities, such as temporary support of adjacent underground assets.

Flare Boom

HEA evaluated this offshore flare boom structure, which was found to be corroded during routine inspection activities, and made recommendations for repairs in accordance with API requirements.

Historic Projects

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