Berth 164 MOTEMS Compliance


The Berth 164 structural system was previously evaluated by POLA and their consultants as a “high risk” facility and was found to be inadequate considering MOTEMS requirements for berthing loads and Level 2 seismic loads. The purpose of this analysis is to re-evaluate the existing Berth 164 system for the “medium risk” criteria. If the Berth 164 system is found to be inadequate for the medium risk criteria, then structural design modifications will be recommended.


Under MOTEMS criteria, the existing berthing and mooring systems are adequate. Structurally, for the “medium risk” seismic criteria the Berth 164 wharf will need the following modifications:

  • Structurally isolate the Berth 164 wharf from the Berth 163 wharf and design to maintain the surface access between the two wharves as-is today
  • Inspect and refurbish the existing wooden pile bracing to meet design criteria
  • Install additional bracing for the wooden piles above the mud line
  • Operationally, limit the loading operation to one manifold to provide additional assurance against hydrocarbon leakage
  • Modify the landside piping and firewater piping as necessary to ensure adequate flexibility and flow

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