About Us

Present Day

Hopper Engineering Associates is a second generation family owned and operated business.  The firm was established in 1979 by Founding Principal David M. Hopper and is currently managed by his son Brian Hopper, Managing Principal. The firm has excellent employee retention, a diverse client base and meaningful client relationships.

The company has three California office locations to better service our regional clients.

Company Headquarters:

300 Vista Del Mar

Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Satellite Locations:

Huntington Beach, CA

Walnut Creek, CA

In The Beginning

In the beginning, the firm provided engineering consulting services exclusively to utilities and manufacturers. The firm’s first utility project was in partnership with a large A & E firm to configure and put into service high energy dissipation steam quenchers at ten, 1150 MW, power plants. The firm’s first manufacturing project was the design of insulated tubes for secondary and tertiary oil field production.

The 1980’s

During the 1980’s, Hopper Engineering Associates entered the petrochemical and motion picture industries. The firm’s first few projects in the petrochemical industry helped to improve facility reliability (failure analysis and prevention) at Los Angeles area refineries and ensure the mechanical integrity (service life extension) of the offshore platform fleet located in Cook Inlet, AK. Simultaneously, the firm was awarded its first contract with the motion picture industry; helping one of the major movie studios safely operate a large sawdust storage hopper.

The 1990’s

During the 1990’s, Hopper Engineering Associates entered the shipbuilding and aerospace/defense industries. The firm’s first shipbuilding project included engineering a means to distribute heavy ship erection loads safely onto a dry dock slab designed for  much lighter vessels. In the aerospace/defense industry, the firm’s first memorable project involved designing a crash resistant support for a camera mounted to a helicopter.

The 2000’s

Thanks to referrals from existing clients and colleagues the firm initiated projects in fall protection, cranes and rigging, insurance and legal, automotive, and homeland security shortly after the turn of the millennium.

Present and Future

Hopper Engineering Associates hopes to continue its path of slow and steady growth by operating a sustainable business, offering the highest level of service, and pursuing new projects that align with the core strengths of the firm’s technical staff.